Wampum 1st Communal Bundle

The easiest way to receive donations for your organization.

Our Communal Bundle helps create a simple and direct one-way payment funnel from your organization members to your private Bitcoin account.  Receive Bitcoin payments and donations with more security without worrying about misplacing funds.

By using our Communal system, you can GET paid from your members and store the funds completely safe, and secure.

We can customize any of our options to work best for you and your organization members!  Members would each download our Wampum 1st Wallet App which allows them to send Bitcoin directly into your Wampum 1st account. 

This works because of our unique patented design and “Lockbox” technology, so you can rest assured that the only person who has access to your funds, is you.

Secure your organization and finances now!


Included in the bundle:

– Secure card wallets with unique crypto addresses customized for your organization

– Wampum 1st Wallet app for iPhone or Android

– Genuine Leather carrying case with genuine wampum

– Beginners Guide To Crypto Currency & Blockchain eBook


To order, email us at support@wampum1st.com or Contact Us and tell us about your organization so you can get started using Wampum 1st!