The Great Book or Southampton Rosetta Stone?

Written By: Scott Lewis. Rev. PA7 “Why does my heart feel so strange?” Scott thought. Upon his entry into the Dune Church in Southampton, his eye caught a number of relics including 12th century medieval european gargoyle. Scott came later to learn the significance of them. They were brought in from Abe court England. This […]

Dark Age Charter

HOME 2017 CEREMONY & LITERARY FESTIVAL ENTER ONLINE BOOKS SPONSORS CONTACT DANSPAPERS.COM TICKETS Dark Age Charter Written By: Scott Lewis On a hot, humid summer Sunday afternoon in the small town of Southampton on Long Island, ceremonies were in full swing honoring its Founders. The townspeople performed family-friendly historical reenactments for vacationers, executed with the […]

Crossroad of the Judges

THIRD SUBMISSION TO EDITOR:  FOR PUBLICATION IN DAN’S PAPERS   Crossroad of the Judges  By Scott Lewis, SOUTHAMPTON, NY — Copyright 2019. All rights reserved. Scott, a Southamptonite in search of more truths about his town’s Founders, was destined to reach a little known spot in New Haven, Connecticut. A supernatural force had his consciousness, and […]

Cave of the Judges

It just so happens that Scott’s trip was the same weekend (May 15th, 1661) Edward Whalley and his son-in-law William Goffe found shelter and concealment from officers of the Crown of King Charles 2ndat the exact location he was exploring.

First American Crucifixion (Witches?)

SUBMISSION TO EDITOR: FOR PUBLICATION IN DAN’S PAPERS First American Crucifixion By Scott Lewis, SOUTHAMPTON, NY — Copyright 2018. All rights reserved. It was a festive Fourth (4th) of July in Southampton. Ten thousand spectators attended one of the finest parades in the country adorned with loud fire department engine companies, local bands and from […]