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Spend, send, receive, and save FASTER with bitcoin while retaining full control with our smartphone app. Store your funds locally or on one of our integratable patented card wallets that work hand in hand with our application. Wampum 1st tools are FASTER and SAFER than others on the Internet making them very compelling to use.

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What We Offer

This section explains our various services and product offerings.


Receive payments from multiple sources all to one single local location instantly by utilizing our patented Blockchain broker methodology.


Sell your goods and services to your clients while receiving payments directly to your personal Wampum Wallet.


Our patented double sided card technology allows you to spend, send, receive and save instantly right from our app on your smart device, or PVC & paper wallet.


Use our products to set up a communal fund with your non-profit or local community center with a platform that is totally safe, secure and immutable.


Deposit, withdraw or convert your bitcoin to fiat currency or vise versa completely duty free from any of our participating Native American territories.


Purchase Bitcoin directly from us with fiat currency or precious metals and in exchange recieve Bitcoin on any medium (Card wallet, phone app, etc.) to access the token economy.

Our Apps Amazing Features

Vendors get one app and consumers get another, so the ergonomics are PERFECT.

Responsive Design

The design is counter intuitive. How can you transact without entering a pin or login? AMAZING.

Web 3.0

Decentralized. Private key never leaves your device. No server to get hacked or go down. TRUSTED.

Cross-Browser Support

The apps were ported to support all the devices. WOW.

360+ Icon Fonts

Careful attention was given to the look and feel of the apps. SLEEK.

Creative Design

Apps fashioned after traditional shell bead. BEAUTIFUL.

More Features

Patent pending Super Duper Smart Crypto Deposit CardsTM. RECOVER FAST!

The Vendor Edition, Personal Edition, and Super Duper Smart Crypto Deposit Card

Benefits of the W1 Edition for Home and/or Business:
  • If I am a vendor or producer, benefits of the SDSCD Card and Point of Sales (POS) system include: 1) Close deals faster 2) More saving by way of reduced transaction costs, 33% to 45% 3) Fast payback, 18 to 36 months on complimentary POS-ATM investment 4) Instant access to Crypto investments 5) Awesome reporting from the blockchain sales ledger(s)
  • If I am a consumer, benefits of the SDSCD Card include: 1) Secure, immutable ledger 2) Anonymous 3) Faster purchase without entering personal information numbers (PIN codes 4) Confirm receipt of goods if you choose to
  • Indirect benefits include: 1) Nationless and duty free from spending from the Shinnecock Nation

The Wampum 1st (W1) Team

Wampum 1st (W1) is a new company founded by Scott Lewis, Paul Ruess, and Edward Gumbs. It is currently doing business in Suffolk County, NY and on the Shinnecock Nation. It is an ITM business. ITM is a State of Florida corporation. It was filed as an S Corporation. The EIN is being revived so the Apple Store, can track W1 by way of a Dun & Brad Street (DUNS) number.
W1 primary mission is to promote the adoption of blockchain technologies to tribal nations, commercial, and industrial markets. W1 is affiliated with open source software companies that contributed to the GitHub effort to spread Bitcoin. W1 develops software [i.e. nine (9) Point of Sales (POS) apps], automated teller machines (ATM) with artificial intelligence (AI), and crypto debit cards (Patent pending).
W1 markets a line of products that increase the efficiency of sales process, and the investment process. What this means is W1 technology turns cash into crypto currency and token investments faster than a bank.

We Have Plans

Choose from any of these bundles awesome bundles. Buy now with Bitcoin!


$39.99/ bundle
  • 1 Leather Jacket
  • 1 PVC Card
  • 1 App setup


$59.99/ bundle
  • 1 Leather Jacket
  • 1 to N PVC Card(s)
  • 1 App setup plus $10 in bitcoin

We Are Everywhere

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