Wampum 1st Enterprise Bundle

Take your business payment system seriously. 

Our Enterprise Bundle helps eliminate any second guessing and creates a direct one-way payment funnel from you to each of your employees or vice versa.  Pay or receive Bitcoin FASTER with more security than ever before.

By using our Enterprise system, you can GET paid from your customers,


Pay your employees directly and securely.

We can customize any of our options to work best for you and your employees!  Want to pay your employees in Bitcoin? Just distribute a card wallet to each of your employees and they can all receive Bitcoin directly from your Wampum 1st Wallet App. 

Want to charge customers Bitcoin? Distribute a one sided card wallet to each of your employees to create a one way deposit system into your Wampum 1st Wallet App.

This works because of our unique patented design and “Lockbox” technology, so you can rest assured that the only person who has access to your funds, is you.

Secure your business and finances now!


Included in the bundle:

– Secure card wallets with unique crypto addresses customized for your business

– Wampum 1st Wallet app for iPhone or Android

– Genuine Leather carrying case with genuine wampum

– Beginners Guide To Crypto Currency & Blockchain eBook


To order, email us at support@wampum1st.com or Contact Us and tell us about your business so you can get started using Wampum 1st!