This page explains the pricing for residential on demand EmerGen or Emergency Generator rental pickup and delivery.

When to Use

Use these prices for residential types of housing. There are three (3) monthly services based on sizes small $19.95, medium $29.95, and large home $39.95. The size is determined by the size of your electric bill and is predetermined ahead of a stormy weather event.


It required that you purchase an EmerGen contract a week prior to the stormy weather event.

Kinds of Power Supplied

You have a three (3) choices between a 1.5kWh generator, Portable Power Station 3kWh, or a 7kWh generator .

Pricing Option(s)

Lowest to highest pricing option for EmerGen are as follows:


  1. Come and get it




Pickup and drop off the equipment yourself cost $0.00. Come over at anytime and pickup the generator or battery power station. Consequently, no cost for delivery. No cost for battery pack. Return it in 24 hours. Subsequently, your card will be charged $75 per day after day 1. Half day is $55.

2. Delivery

$75 roundtrip*

Delivery cost $37.50 of the equipment. Pickup cost of the equipment $37.50. Use our EmerGen app for decision support to order. It will tell you were the outages are and tell you weather conditions.

3. Fuel tank

$75 round trip

Delivery cost for fuel tank option is $35.50. Prevailing rates for petroleum. Delivery cost for pickup of tank $35.50.

* Affiliate support is required for this pricing. The way you can tell is you area is supported is by downloading our EmerGenTM to locate your nearest affiliate. Download EmerGenTM Android or Apple or SCHEDULE A DEMO