The Left Right Center Crypto (LRCC) App for Apple IOS, or iPadOS, allows a person to enter a game of chance by way of a cryptocurrency receive wallet QR code addresses or string. Each player receives at least 3 tokens or cryptocurrency (i.e. bitcoin/satoshi). Players take it in turn to roll three six-sided dice, each of which is marked with “Left”, “Right”, “Center” on one side, and a single dot on the three remaining sides. For each “Left” or “Right” thrown, the player must send one token to the player to their left or right, respectively. A “Center” indicates a token to the center (pot). A dot has no effect. If a player has fewer than three tokens left, they are still in the game but their number of tokens is the number of dice they roll on their turn, rather than rolling all three. When a player has zero tokens, they pass the dice on their turn, but may receive tokens from others and take their next turn accordingly. The player who does not receive tokens after two passes is out of the game. The winner is the last player with tokens, fake cryptocurrency money, or real cryptocurrency money left over.  

If the network is a real bitcoin network, then LRCC will handle receiving real bitcoin. If the network is a fake/test bitcoin network, then LRCC will handle receiving fake/test Cryptocurrencies.

LRCC Interface or iPhone Views Part-1
LRCC Interface or iPhone Views Part-2


This is a turn based game so get some friends first.