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Wampum Squares Pro Edition is a multiplayer game of chance that accepts any kind of QR code (i.e. Bitcoin, Venmo, Linkedin, etc.). It is also known as Block pools, Grid pools, or Box pools, you’re probably familiar with this format from its Super Bowl popularity. Our Apple and Web versions accept text (i.e. emails, bitcoin addresses, venmo, cloud coin or anything with an address).


A device to host the app plus another device(s) with a A VENMO or CRYPTO wallet to present the receive QR code or 100 paper cryptocurrency wallets. The app takes email addresses or other identifiers. Our crypto wallet is recommended


  1. 25 JAN 22 – The website now supports multiple board games. What this means is you may have dollar square games plus $5 boards plus $10 boards…$100 or more. This means your users may choose to participate in one or all three or more games.

When to Use

Use this app with your friends and family. Use it at work. Use at your Lodge. Use it at your Church or Synagogue. Use it to teach. Understand that this is a turn-based game. It is not recommended to be played alone and understand the game requires an identifier (i.e. name, email). Cryptocurrency wallet or Venmo type wallet is recommended, since payouts are worldwide.


1. Host explains rules to Player

2. Collect Player deposit QR code

3. Player waits till start of event.

4. Host repeats done until end of event.


1. Host calls out for bets

2. Player picks a square

3. Wait for game result

4. Host randomize boxes

5. Host depress quarter button(s) to record winner(s) to photo app directory.

6. Host depress payout button on side menu. Pinches photo and may payout with a crypto wallet

7. Choose a new game to refresh.

8. Done


a. Host is the owner of the app

b. Player picks a squares at venue

c. Board is the iPad

d. QR code is used to enter the game. It comes from out side app.

e. Paper crypto wallet(s) have QR codes and so do crypto wallet apps.

See Wampum Squares in Action!


If you have any additional questions, please contact us via email at We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

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