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The EmerGenTM Automatic Transfer Service application allows you to keep your lights and appliances on during outages and emergencies. Now, you can join the sharing economy this time with generators. Our service has three stages (pre-storm, storm, post- storm) and has a *patent pending. 

  • Pre-storm: ITM service person installs a specially designed transfer switch made to turn off generator when the power comes on. 
  • Storm:an ITM service person brings over a portable generator for you to use and may also be of additional service clearing walk ways and steps. They also have first aid kits and KN95 respirators (i.e. Lewindy) to guard against bacteria or virus.
  • Post-storm:power returns to your house or building thus the ITM service person returns to pick up the power equipment or you return it, either way you are protected as a member of our club.

In summary, during or after a storm, when the power goes out, wouldn’t it be comforting to know that a friend will come over that will restore your power locally? Better yet, what if you didn’t have the costly outlay of a generator that is prone to disintegrate in fewer than two years, or the associated maintenance cost of $100s of dollars per year, since the generator is delivered on demand.


ITM Corp with a pioneer in the power cost reduction technology industry since 2008, Energy Automations Inc., use EmerGenTM as a trusted component for power protection. EmerGenTMsave energy and provides optional surge protection too. Ask to join the club by calling 888 653 6204 today!

Long Island high energy costs are how we got here (Depress link for more information).

Follow these two simple steps:

  • Obtain a power reduction quote from one of our affiliates; &
  • Enroll in the power protection program with the person that referred you. Doesn’t everyone need this piece of mind with storm so prevalent?

The surface mount design is for retrofits; or semi-flush design is for new intersections. Here is a list of key facts:

Circuit Breaker-based switching provides overload protection required by the NEC/NFPA 70.
Aluminum Construction- Heavy duty 12 gauge (Type 5052-H32) rust and corrosion resistant material ensures long life in the field.

Safe- Sliding interlock prevents generator and utility from feeding circuit at same time. In addition, the design is made to keep out strangers.
Rain tight Design- Generator connection is made underneath the box so rain tight at all times.

Simple Installation- This NEMA 3R-Rated enclosure is suitable for surface mounting onto existing pedestals.

Here is a key options:
ALL OR NONE – External pilot light- switch neutral- service entrance.

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple to install
  • Generator power delivered
  • Electric Company guard
  • Fuel delivery option
  • Storm repair construction
  • First aid and respirators
  • Useful for home, commercial and micro-generation


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