Crossroad of the Judges



Crossroad of the Judges 

By Scott Lewis, SOUTHAMPTON, NY — Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.

Scott, a Southamptonite in search of more truths about his town’s Founders, was destined to reach a little known spot in New Haven, Connecticut. A supernatural force had his consciousness, and later his friend Juan’s as they drove to a landmark titled, Crossroad of the Judges. 

Juan understood these forces, so he went along. Juan was well centered in the spiritual sense of the word. He was a Dominican Republic native. More importantly, he was once a prison guard at an American maximum-security prison. A job of that kind changes a man.

When Scott discovered the name of the man who had penned the charter to First Church the year prior, him and Juan needed to investigate further. Juan felt that Scott was about to overturn a stone of Biblical proportions. 

Consequently, Scott had requested they make a stop before returning to Long Island after a financial conference that they had attended at Fox Woods Casino Resort. This is where we pickup their story in route to New Haven within Scott’s truck; 

“Why do you want to stop in New Haven?” Juan asked.

“I found out who founded Southampton. It was King Charles the 1st. The story is absolutely amazing, and I want to validate it,”

Scott continued, “Our Country really was born in blood. We only remember the child.”

Juan, “ok, what are you talking about?” 

Good thing Juan was driving because at that moment Scott paused to drift back in time by way of the dots he had connected from those history books, and said to Juan, “As the story goes, back in the 1630s, King Charles the 1st, an Episcopalian by faith, appointed sixty five (65) Judges, who were of Presbyterian faith, to divvy-up New York and New England for his soon to be bride. That was his first (1st) mistake: appointing 65 Presbyterians.”

Juan asked, “Why?”

Scott, “As it turns out, the Puritan Parliament despised the Monarchy (aka. Presbyterians). Now for King Charles I, second (2nd) mistake: he married a Henrietta Maria of France (aka Queen Mary) a Catholic.

Juan, “Why is that his second (2nd) mistake?”

Scott, “Because it took more than 1500 years for the English Reformation to play out, which is when the British broke away from of the Roman Catholic Church, and with a couple of marriages (attempts to revert England back to that faith), King Charles finally did it and married into the Roman Catholic faith.

Consequently, this drove the Presbyterian Judges nuts. So, they killed King Charles the 1st for treason, under the Catholic jurisdiction he had subscribed to by marriage. It was titled, The Regicide of King Charles. Off came his head. They were savages back then.”

Juan, “Agreed”

Cathedral of Sweat (See upper left building with pole light)*

Scott, “It gets worse. Later, King Charles II (Second) returned to power after another revolution and he too went nuts, so the Judges ran for their lives. Half of the Judges were horribly nailed to crosses in a manor much like Jesus of Nazareth, however, this time in the court of Abe in front of England for all to see so nobody would dare do it again. It was like a scene out of the movie Brave Heart. They were drawn and quartered. That was the standard penalty for all those convicted of treason of the Roman Catholic Church at the time.[1]They were totally out of their minds!

Juan, “I didn’t know they used crosses in those days too”

Scott, “Yes. Fortunately for us, half of the Judges escaped to Switzerland, Germany and three made their way across the Atlantic to New Haven, CT.  This is why I had to stop.”

The two arrived sometime after 8:00PM on a brisk November 2015 evening. It was a dark, gloomy overcast night in the heart of Yale University.  

They began by wondering around the campus without a GPS. It was left behind in the truck. They knew it wasn’t far to The Crossroads.  The streets were narrow, quite different from Long Island’s roads, especially since they were cobble stoned in that area of Connecticut. 

The two had arrived at The Crossroads, where the three regicides were commemorated by the State, by three intersecting streets titled, Dixwell Avenue, Whalley Avenue, and Goffe Street. The celebrated street names were lit with bulbs high above the street on the dark campus, unlike Long Island. Then, without provocation something crossed their path, out came a ghost of sorts. This time it was physical. Scott’s gut reaction was as unnerving as at the reenactment at First Church with the discovery of the Dark Age Charter the year prior.

A hooded bicyclist wisped across their path. They didn’t see his or her face tucked over the handlebars of an old Schwinn stingray five speeds with banana seat. 

All they saw was it’s back pasted with a Satanic Star or upside down Pentagram. The large symbol covered the entirety of the things back, as it evaporated into the darkness.

“Juan, Did you see that?!” Scott asked.

“I did. Talk about creepy. They must start following Satan young around here” Juan said not realizing it was more likely a spiritual force guarding the Judges shrine.

Juan continued, “You know the Bible speaks of these principalities of darkness.”

Scott, “Really? 

Juan, “Yes, and powers of the air that Paul the Apostle wrote about … ‘may turn from darkness to, light from the power of Satan to the power of God’.”

“Juan, look at all the churches surrounding the area; and what is that huge building over there?” Scott pointed out.

The two men walked closer to the monumental mysterious building that looked like a Cathedral. It had an aura to it, which they couldn’t quite put a finger on.

Scott “It’s a gymnasium, a very large old gymnasium.” 

Juan “What’s down this road?”

Completely mystified the two kept exploring the city until they ran out of steam and left beginning their drive back to Southampton.

A week had past so Scott called Juan to tell him what information he had gathered. “Juan, I had a chance to search the Internet, as it turns out, the gymnasium is the largest in the world: erected by Yale University in 1932. It is known as the Payne Whitney Gymnasium, and it is also known as the Cathedral of Sweat! Pretty cool right?”

Juan, “Yes, who knew that Yale was like Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?”

“By the way Juan, we were right where Dixwell died too, of natural causes supposedly, back in March 1689 and get this…he died a month after the House of Commons of England had approved a Declaration of Rights(the precursor of the Bill of Rights).

“It took the Holy Spirit to overcome the darkness to produce those documents,” said Juan.

Scott, “Agreed. I’ll talk with you later buddy.” Scott knew what Juan had said to be true.

Scott then proceeds to track down his Suffolk County historian buddy Mark Rothenberg, of the Patchogue Library since he was the one that tipped Scott off to The Crossroads. Oddly enough, Mark was in the middle of reviewing the nonfiction TV series titled Turn. The series explained how Americans turned on the English, among other duties, when Scott arrived at his office.

“Well Scott, how did you make out in Connecticut?” Mark asked.

Scott, “We made it to The Crossroads of the Judges. We even discovered the Cathedral of Sweat or the largest gymnasium in the world in the heart of Yale University.

Yes, the King is the Founder of Southampton. The Judges are too. The link is an administrative Judge. His daughter setup residence on Shelter Island. The Sylvester Manor was put there to watch over the colony, along with their slaves. 

Now, my next question for you: why would they have labeled the gymnasium at Yale the cathedral of sweat? I surmise the author wanted their children to grow up strong and live in freedom away from a Satanic Monarchy.” Scott asked.

Mark, oh, no. It is more likely proof that the three Judges had sweated it out in the caves near by The Crossroads.

“Cave?” Scott asked.

Mark, “Yes they hid in a cave”. 

“Well, we’ll have to go back then.” Scott proclaimed.

Scott exited and then proceeded to call Juan. “Juan, the judges had to hide in caves because Charles 2ndhad sent bounty hunters after them.“

“A cave?”

“Yes, we ought to go back and see that soon,” said Scott

“Definitely”, Juan said. Scott said to Juan impassioned: “With these new findings, I am ready to ask the Town for a new placard be raised. The Dune Church would be the most appropriate spot, since it has a placard already documenting land grab improprieties of the Monarchy, 375 years ago. This time we shall document how we stopped the sale of our critical infrastructure to them.” Scott concluded. Juan said, “We must always be thankful for the struggles our ancestors went through to get us where we are today, otherwise things never change.” 

Dixwell Avenue, Whalley Avenue, and Goffe Street at the heart of Yale University, CT**

[1]SPENCER, CHARLES [2014] Killers of The King: The Men Who Dared to Execute Charles I, Publisher New York: Bloomsbury Press, Copyright 2014.  

[2] *Photo

[3] **Photo

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