Cave of the Judges



By Scott Lewis, SOUTHAMPTON, NY — Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.

​Nearly a year and half had past since Scott and Juan discovered the site known as Cross Road of the Judges in New Haven, Connecticut, while in search of more truths regarding the founders of Southampton. And, once again Scott’s life was divinely twisted down another spiritual journey to the Cave of the Judges. After completing a grueling Property and Casualty licensing exam, Scott called his second cousin Ron in Branford, CT to tell him about his newly acquired skill. In doing so, Ron informed Scott that their Aunt’s Estate had been resolved so they were having an Estate sale; he asked if Scott could attend. 

On his way there in the pouring rain, Scott crossed over the New Haven county line and suddenly a black crow nearly crashed into his windshield. Wow, Scott thought that’s no coincidence knowing that he was going to attempt to visit the Cave of the Judges on his return. It’s a sign of things to come.

Scott arrived in Bradford in the pouring rain. There his second cousin was outside directing cars. It was great to see him. 

Scott’s, Aunt Libby’s house was magnificently designed in beehive colonial fashion and furniture. 

Scott said, “Ron, after seeing the entire house and all those wonderful things Aunt Lib had acquired over her life time, I wanted you to know one of my last memories of Aunt Lib at her other home in Lloyds Neck. I’ll never forget what she had said ‘you spend a life time collecting it and another giving it away’. She even had an antique washing machine that you hand cranked to get the water out of the clothing.”

Ron said, “Oh, that old thing sold yesterday, Ron declared. As for her stuff, she did not really get around to giving much away as you can see.”

Scott said, “By the way, she also had told me how she had buried coins on her other Estate and forgotten where. I want you to know because you can still go back and look for them.”

At that moment, Scott had realized that the Great Depression had traumatized his Aunt. Scott realized how we all fall into a trap of squirrely behavior given our present economic system. 

As Scott was getting ready to leave he asked his cousin, “How do I find the West Ridge Ron…Home of the Cave of the Judges?” 

Ron said, “As you cross over the bridges back into New Haven, you’ll see the ridge to your right. You can’t miss it.”

Scott said, “Got it. It was great seeing you and the family.”

Scott drove away and headed west on Route 95. Atop an overpass, Scott could see the ridge so he exited and began wondering. As Scott approached the ridge, he found himself on a road that split a grave yard in two, upon further examination it was the grave yard of the Rothschild’s’. He got a cold chill down his back, so he called Juan. 

Scott said, “Juan, you’re not going to believe this. I’m in a graveyard facing the West Ridge where the Judges hid from King Charles.”

Juan said, “Are you nuts? You’re by yourself?!” 

Scott said, “I was on my way back from my Aunt’s Estate sale; since we never made it here it was my only chance. So, why would Lord Rothschild, Blue Blood of England, build a cemetery facing the West Ridge?

Juan said, “They’re the Pharaohs of old. They have been working to enslave the West ever since the Puritans broke free; and perhaps they succeeded by way of Jekyll’s Island and the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.” 

Scott was floored. He said, “That was brilliant Juan. What a fantastic observation! That was exactly why they built this graveyard here. This family has profited from every war and I’m sure this is proof that they profited from the American Revolution.”

By the way, Juan, they are the richest family in the world with a net worth of $10 Trillion dollars. I saw a video that documented them among the other 13 families that dictate the direction of the world only last week. We are their subjects, since clearly equality has never been part of their vocabulary or culture. ”

Juan said, “Is it really that much? A quote of theirs comes to mind, ‘Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws’.” 

Scott said, “Yes, and they aren’t giving any away because it’s how they remain in control of their dominance hierarchy that we know of as USA.  Mr. Jacque Fresco has watched their rise to power because he lived through it all. He’s that 100 year old wizard I was telling you about. He focused on the system not the person. You have to meet him when you visit your sister in Florida.”

Juan said, “Yes, I will meet him. He really understands how broken this monetary system is. The rules in direct conflict with natural law and human morals, let alone Christian values. If people were only conscious of that fact they would turn on it and come up with a better one fast.”

Scott said, “Yes, it affects the psyche of persons living within a prefabricated kingdom. Take my Aunt for example, she horded things as a hobby likely because of the trauma she experienced during The Great Depression.”

Juan said, “We affectively become less human. We literally mutate into an insect and hive mentality, which is why I subscribe to Luke’s gospel  ‘Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Sell what you have and give alms; provide yourselves money bags which do not grow old, a treasure in the heavens that does not fail, where no thief approaches nor moth destroys. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also’.[1]

Scott paused, and said, “Well, I am going to proceed onward before it gets dark. I’ll talk with you soon.”

Juan said, “Call me when you get there. Ok?”

Scott said, “Yes. Bye.”

So, Scott took some photos and proceeded to the cave in his truck. When Scott arrived the park, it was closed and desolate. 

“Darn,” he said aloud to himself on a damp and cloudy spring day late in the day. 

Consequently, Scott parked and hopped a small fence and went to view the park map. “Nuts, the Park is not open until Memorial Day and the cave is 3 miles away”, so Scott had to teleport himself to the cave by way of a Google search since he could never make it there and back before darkness. 

When Scott saw the cave on the Internet, he called his friend Juan and told him that he made it virtually to the cave since he didn’t have enough time to get there physically.  

Scott said, “You’re not going to believe what I found on a sign outside the cave.”

Juan demanded, “Tell me!”

Scott said, “Opposition to tyrants is obedience to God.”

Juan said, “Nice. They understood what they were up against back then. The principalities of darkness (the tyrannical psychopaths and sociopaths of history. Sadly to say, not much different than the insanity of today.”

Scott said, “I’m out of here back to Southampton. Talk to you later.”

Juan, “Safe travels.” 

It just so happens that Scott’s trip was the same weekend (May 15th, 1661) Edward Whalley and his son-in-law William Goffe found shelter and concealment from officers of the Crown of King Charles 2ndat the exact location he was exploring.

Five days later at around 4AM in the morning, Scott awoke in a cold sweat after having a nightmare. 

On his 6:30AM book club conference call, Scott shared his dream with one of his friends. His friend Bill had a background in Psychology.

Scott said, “Bill, you’ll never believe what a bad dream I had last night. I thought there was an Asian mad man staring me down while butchering up someone or something.”

Bill said, “Really, you can see what it means by Google-ing it.”

Scott said, “Ok, I’ll do that…it says your nemesis has left you. Great, I’d like to believe that.”

A couple of days passed, Scott had left the library. It was 3pm on a Sunday. He called his friend Ed on the Indian Reservation to help out with the archery range he was building. He left message. It was at that moment that Scott began dry to heave. He thought, “Could it be what I ate, that wouldn’t make much sense.”

Scott darted to Rite Aid. The women at the counter recommended Pepto-Bismol, when in actuality he needed an ambulance. He grabbed it and left for home. He barely got through the door before he puking out buckets. It was a scene right out of the Exorcist. The demon was only getting started. It was at that moment; Scott saw his life pass. He started thinking was I poisoned? He prayed for help. He thought he would never challenge the mad men in Albany again, or perhaps a demon was trying to prevent him from exposing the callousness of our present culture or some other karmic consequence yet explored.

After he snapped out of it, he crawled to the phone and called Ed. No answer. He called his neighbor Kathy. Thank God she was home. 

Scott reported, “Kathy, I am so ill I can’t move. Can you please come over?”

She came right over and proceeded to drive with him through lights to get him to Southampton Hospital. 

Scott was in his robe. They proceeded to take the vitals and then administer morphine for the pain with a diuretic. Scott thought he was not going to leave without losing an organ. 

Next, Scott was carted to the MRI. He has shaking so much they couldn’t film him. They got him a blanket. 

After the exam, Scott began thinking again. He thought to reach out to his friend Ed on the reservation. He had to call him to let him know the status.

Scott called the nurse, “Nurse, may I have my phone? I had left message for my friend Ed that I was in trouble. I want him to know I’m ok.”

Nurse noted, “Mr. Lewis you seem to be better.”

Scott said, “Come to think of it. I am.”

Nurse ordered, “Alright, you may go then. Here is a special strainer to locate the stone.”

Scott said, “Got it. Thank you.” 

Scott said under his breath said, “Health back. Life is good again!”

Scott never discovered a stone his painful episode still remains unexplained. However, he proceeds to heal, and even attended a reading at Dan’s Paper function, where he picked up a great trick for writing. The brain fog lifted, and so did the story writers block. The demons were gone. Thus, came these stories.

Opposition to tyranants is obedience to God!

[1]Luke 12:32-40 New King James Version (NKJV)

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